Your Thai Wife’s Cultural Differences

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You will have picked up on some my posts the cultural differences that you need to be prepared for.

But here is a rather ‘tongue in cheek’ list to get you thinking….

Obviously these might not apply to all Thai Ladies!

  1. She will be used to eating with a Spoon and Fork.  The spoon taking food to the mouth, not the fork.
  2. She will want to chatter endlessly whilst eating a meal.
  3. She will shower at least twice a day, and will expect you to do the same.  (Probably joining you in the shower) Can make getting to work on time tricky…
  4. She will want to find Thai ingredients for cooking. (These can be found in most large cities around the World, or at least close substitutes)
  5. Fridge Contents

    You might need a Bigger Fridge when married to a Thai lady!

    You may need a bigger fridge.  Not just for the food, but for cosmetics too…. (Keeps them fresher….I know, don’t ask)

  6. Frequent contact with ‘home’ will be required.  Not hard these days with Skype, Line and other apps.  If all else fails, use phone cards.
  7. You may need to be a bit more chivalrous.  Opening doors. carrying bags etc.  You may find the relationship a bit more ‘traditional’ in terms of the male / female roles.
  8. She will need plenty of clothes storage. And plenty of bathroom/mirror space.  Thai ladies like to look good, and this takes clothes and cosmetics….  The good news is she makes a dollar go a long way and is an ‘expert’ shopper.
  9. She will go to the bathroom to blow her nose on a tissue (not a handkerchief).   Be warned.  Blowing your nose in front of her, and particularly then putting a soiled handkerchief in your pocket, will be rather disgusting in her eyes!
  10. On the subject of bathrooms, she may ask if you can install a water hose next to the toilet.  Once you tried these, you won’t look back!  Works like a Bidet.  Get the idea?
  11. If you like ‘me time’ you may need to rethink it.  More like ‘we time’.  She may want to be with you all the time.  Or at least have you near.  i.e. Working on DIY in my shed at home is OK, because I’m at home…..

Perhaps you guys with Thai wives out there have a few more to add below?



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