Your Good Thai Lady v The Sun !

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Now something you need to know about Thai ladies, is that they don’t like the sun!  OK, they like the heat, but not being out in the sun unprotected.

So if you go to the beach with your Thai Lady, expect her to be fully clothed, with a broad hat and hiding under a massive umbrella for 90% of the time….  Why you might well ask?

Well, in most Asian countries, light coloured skin is a sign of coming from a wealthy family and is also thought to be much more attractive.  In Thailand, much more attractive!  It’s one of those strange cultural quirks.

Western women spend their time trying to get a nice sun tan.  And I think most Western men like tanned skin.  It looks more healthy and many years ago when I was a mere boy, I seem to recall it was a sign of wealth.  Because those with a tan could obviously afford foreign holidays where it was sunny!  And a sun tan in winter was a blatant sign of wealth, because that could only mean one thing.  You had been on a skiing holiday….

Contrast that with the Thai view.  Tanned skin immediately places a person in the lower social classes.  It implies they are a manual labourer or a farmer working out in the sun all day.

I was in Tesco Lotus in Bangkok today with Pat, and couldn’t resist taking a photo or two.

You know the biggest selling cosmetic in Thailand?  Skin whitening cream !

Thai skin whitening product

Skin Whitening Cream is BIG Business in Thailand

A whole aisle of the stuff!

And the aisle with talcum powder was huge!   They use it on the faces of the kids when they go to school to make them look whiter……

Talcum powder aisle

The World’s Supply Of Talc!

Go figure ….

So just be prepared for your Thai lady to avoid the sun at all cost.



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