Where to find a Thai Wife

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I was very lucky to find my Thai wife and we remain happily married 10 years later.

Many people ask me “Where can I find a nice Thai Wife’ too.  Well it takes a bit of research, planning and effort, but here are some suggestions that I will expand on in later posts.

This is from the perspective of someone who does not live in Thailand.  Obviously if you live in Thailand things are a lot easier!

If you have not been to Thailand before or only for very short visits, the first thing that I thing is essential is to research and learn a bit about Thai culture.  You are going to be travelling to a country that may be very different from your home country with very different customs and cultural elements.

If you are looking for a Thai wife, you’ll get off to a bad start without understanding her country and customs.

I’ll tell you in a moment how I met my Thai Wife Pat, but here are some options for meeting Thai ladies:

In Thailand

Bars.  I would not recommend this as a place to meet your future wife.  If you have not been to ‘girly bars’ in Thailand you will be surprised.  You will meet many gorgeous girls who are delightful to talk to and be with.  Quite unlike such premises in the West, where working ladies can  appear rather tough and businesslike.  But do you really want to marry a girl whose job is to entertain men?  Many Western guys do for sure.  But knowing some who have gone down this path, it can provide emotional complications.

Shops.  You will meet many delightful Thai Ladies in shops.  But really…what are the chances of you, a ‘stranger’ getting a date in this manner.  It can e done though.

At Work.  If you visit Thailand for work, you will come into contact with a great many lovely business ladies.  I remember when I first visited a large International business in Bangkok.  My eyes almost popped out of my head at the dozens of lovelies in cute business attire.

Via Friends.  Like anywhere in the World, introductions by friends can be helpful.  I have two friends who met Thai wives in this way.

From Anywhere!

On the Web.  This is how I met Pat.  10 years ago it was a lot harder.  No dating sites or Facebook.  There was really only ICQ.  (not sure if it still exists).  But this is the place I would suggest you start.  But…be polite, not seedy.  Most of the girls on these sites are genuine and seeking a husband.  Don’t play with them!




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