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I call him ‘Picky’

If you have spent any time in Thailand you’ll know that wherever you walk you’ll come across beggars and street dogs otherwise known as ‘Soi’ Dogs.

Where we live ‘part time’ in Bangkok it’s no different.

So I always make sure when I head out that I have some change in my pocket.  Back home in Australia, my change goes into a pot, which when full gets taken to the bank.  But not here.  It goes to a much better purpose.

Coming back from a trip to Tesco, there’s the blind girl and the guy with one leg.  And going the other way, to the BTS station, there’s the old lady and the girl with a baby, and often a guy with no legs at all.  Though he’s usually there in the evenings only.

I know some people (particularly Westerners) are cynical about beggars, but I just can’t be when I see people in genuine need.  Hopefully my small change and that of countless others, can make a small difference to their lives.

Then of course there are the Soi dogs.  We have two regulars on our ‘patch’.  One hangs around in front of the condo building and another on the bridge over the road, that also serves as an entrance to the BTS station (Sky Train).  This one I call ‘Picky’.

He’s smart.  He lies right in the middle of the footbridge.  Stretched right out in the shade, catching a nice breeze because he is high up above the road.

Everyone has to walk around ‘Picky’.  You have to.  He has the look about him that says ‘step on me buddy, and you’ll regret it‘ as he glances at you through one half open eye……..

Every time we see him, my wife kicks herself, because she forgets to bring some food for him.  She’s a sucker for Dogs.  And actually for a Soi Dog, Picky is quite a good looking fella.

So tonight it happened again. She forgot the food.  So I was dragged to one of the local street vendors whilst she bought some grilled chicken for Picky.  So with Chicken in hand, we retraced our steps to where Picky was stretched out.  And another street vendor who was just setting up, idly watched as Pat settled down to give Picky some dinner.

Well…he wouldn’t touch any.  He got up, walked around, lay down again.  But didn’t touch the food.

Maybe he’s just had a big dinner I remarked?

With that, the street vendor looked over at Pat and casually remarked….He doesn’t eat Chicken, he only likes Pork!

Well that’s a first for me.  A Soi Dog that’s Picky about his dinner!  Hence the name…….

OK Picky, Next time we’ll bring Pork………



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