Thai Girls and Food

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Would you get between a Dog and her Bone? (more on that in a moment)

OK, I don’t mean to cause offence, but the analogy works I think 🙂

Thai girl eating

Food is very important to your Thai Girl and I think it helps to understand why.

So my perspective is:

  • Eating is a very Social event in Thai culture.  People try not to eat alone.
  • Dishes are usually shared.  Not like in the West where we order for ourselves only.
  • A variety of dishes will often be ordered, to provide a nice balance of salty, spicy, sour, sweet and bitter.  That’s what makes a Thai meal so delicious.
  • Presentation is important in a Thai meal. So care is taken to make sure the food looking attractive and appealing.
  • A meal should not be rushed.  The food and company should be enjoyed.

OK, so you have probably seen the street vendors in Thailand, with people eating meals on their own, and rushing off to work.  Those are ‘snacks’.

Thai food

But even so, they will take great care to season the food to their taste, and enjoy the meal.

Pat used to sometimes accuse me of ‘eating like a Dog’ 🙂  By that she meant I rushed the meal, maybe because I was preoccupied with something, and did not really take the time to savour it.  i.e. Like a Dog rushes it’s meal, not really concerned about ‘what’ is in the bowl.

So my point here, is that for your Thai Girl, food is a serious business.  Where to eat requires consideration, taking time to eat is important and enjoying the experience with others, can be just as important as the food itself.

If we are heading out somewhere for the day, I have learnt not to rush Pat over breakfast.  Whilst I might be eager to ‘get on the road’ she wants a ‘proper’ meal first and time to savour it 🙂

Hence the analogy at the start!  The trip can wait a few minutes longer…



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