Not my Fault – OK what exactly does that mean?

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Not my Fault…….  You might hear this quite a bit from the Thai ‘love of your life’.  It’s just another one of these sayings that seems to roll off the tongue for Thai Girls.

Thai girl - not my fault

When a Thai Girl says “Not my Fault”

But what does it actually mean? Is she denying all responsibility for whatever action just took place?  Let’s put this into context with some classic situations:

You: Darling your car has a huge scratch on the door.

Thai Girl: “Not my fault”

You: One of our crystal wine glasses is broken.

Thai Girl: “Not my fault”

You: Is your Mother really coming to stay for TWO months?

Thai Girl: “Not my fault”

Are you starting to get the idea ? 🙂

I have learned to read it like this:

  1. Thai Girls do not really like taking ultimate responsibility for much…at all.  So this is their way of shifting any blame that MIGHT be coming their way, before you even think about it.
  2. Thai education, upbringing and culture is not that strong on ‘stepping up’ and ‘taking responsibility’.  So they are certainly not keen to openly take it on, if it can be avoided.
  3. I think it also comes man to the man v woman thing.  Men are ‘in charge’ and so should take ‘responsibility’ 🙂

OK, before all those Thai Ladies who are CEOs and ‘leaders’ in so many other ways complain, I am of course generalising and also having a bit of fun…

One of the funniest stories I ever read (sorry I cannot remember where) went something like this.

Thai Girl: Darling my mobile phone got stolen.

Boyfriend: Didn’t you take care of it?  Did you leave it somewhere?

Thai Girl: “Not my fault”……….Your fault!

Boyfriend: How is it my fault?

Thai Girl: It was in my bag, which was open at my feet, at the bus stop.  You sent me a text message, so my phone beeped.  A thief must have heard the beep and taken my phone!  If you did not send me the text message I would still have my phone!  So “Not my fault”.




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  1. I’m a bit more subtle :). If I forget to bring a camera, it’d be “you forgot to remind me to bring the camera”.

    My husband always either “did” or “did not” do something to cause problems. And I can always trace back to the moment when things started to go wrong because of his action or ignorance.

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