My Good Thai Lady and the Pickled Mangoes

By in 5 - When the Honeymoon is Over

Life is always interesting when married to a Thai Lady….

This is how it ‘went down’.

OK, we live part of the year in Bangkok now.  Great location right next to the BTS, shops and great places to eat.

We were really rushing around on our last day in Bangkok, before heading to the Airport to fly back to Sydney.  Everything was timed to perfection, as we had a lot to do before going.  Visit the bank to open a new account, pack all the bags, tidy the apartment, last minute washing …. You get the idea right?

Pickled MangoesThen she says….”Where will you pack the Pickled Mangoes”?  What Pickled Mangoes???

Picture this.  About 3 kilos of pickled mangoes in plastic bags secured with elastic bands.  And these things are sitting in fluid.  I took a deep breath….

There is can way we can ‘carry on’ this stuff.  It needs to be packed, but where and how?  (The taxi arrives to take us to the Airport in 1 hour.  The clock is ticking….)In my suitcase?  With the new suit and shirts I just had made?  No way!

I can just imagine 3 KG of pickled mangoes at 35,000 feet suddenly going POP!  And no we can’t leave them behind.  They are a special gift from Dad.

In Pat’s bag?  Same problem.

Where?  OK, we have a spare suitcase packed with excess cushions we are taking home to Sydney.  Yea, we travel light.  6 bags this time!

But what if they POP?   40 minutes till taxi arrives…..

We need ‘secure’ packaging.  I dash down the road to Tesco Lotus looking for inspiration.  And I find it in plastic storage containers.  2 different sizes so I can nest them together (Double layer) and loads of tape to seal them.

Back to the apartment.  Taxi arrives in 15 minutes.  Stay calm….

The mangoes now get sealed more securely than a pack of ‘Nuclear Waste’.  There is no way we’ll have an accident.  I hope.

And Yes, the mangoes made it ‘home’.   And Yes, we declared them at customs.  We are used to bringing back ‘exotic’ food and always make sure we declare them and have them ready for inspection.

I just hope they taste good!  After all the effort and expense to get them home.

Sweetheart………….can we buy pickled mangoes here in Sydney?    (Duck fast)



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