Moving to Bangkok – Well Kind Of

By in 5 - When the Honeymoon is Over

Condo buildings, BangkokWe made the first step recently, of moving to Bangkok.  Not that we ever plan to live there permanently.

But we bought a small Condo near the BTS.  It gives us the option of visiting whenever we feel like a break.

Have you ever bought property in Thailand?  This was our first time.  OMG!  It was not easy.

Buying property in Australia is bad enough, but it was a bit more of a nightmare in Bangkok, particularly when it came to getting tradesmen to decorate and fit out the Condo.

Poor Pat had to basically camp out at the Condo to make sure they turned up, and did the work.  It ran weeks overdue…

And what was I doing all this time?  Working away in Australia 🙁



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  1. You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion eveeywhrre!

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