Meeting your Online Thai Date for the first time

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In my earlier post, I talked about creating your online profile. So here are some tips on that all important first meeting.

Meeting your online date for the first time

If you took your time during the online phase of meeting your prospective Thai Wife, this stage should be easy.

So here are a few tips to think about:

Take it slow. Many Thai girls are far more conservative than Western girls. Even holding hands in public might make her feel uncomfortable. Certainly don’t expect a ‘physical’ relationship very soon. That may not even happen until you are engaged!

Chaperone. On your first date you might have a Chaperone. Pat did. Again it’s a conservative cultural thing. Going out on a date alone for the first time might not be considered ‘acceptable’.

And on that point, don’t expect to fly in to Thailand on Day 1 and whisk your Thai Lady off on a holiday with you. It could happen, but don’t expect it to. Courtship might be a drawn out process.

Where to go on your first date? Going out for a nice meal is always a winner. Pick somewhere nice but not too ‘flashy’. Try not to look like you are ‘showing off’.

Be Polite. With luck, if you spent some time online together, you should be very comfortable in each other’s company. Be prepared for her English to be a bit slower though. Chatting online can be a lot easier than face to face.

I really hope that first date for you goes as well as ours did. After that, you can expect day after day dates, getting to know your Thai lady better. Then meeting her family! If she really thinks you are marriage material, this can happen quite early on in the relationship.

So be on your best behaviour!




  1. I’ve lived in Thailand for the last 12 months now and it’s always been my new home since day 1.
    And i’m here to settle with a good Thai woman once I’m sure all is good.
    I’ve been with my current girlfriend for 6 months now. prior to that, the girls (who all had good jobs) I dated never came with a chaperone and I’d say that upwards of 60% were ok with holding hands but I read up on Thai culture before coming to Thailand so I was always respectful of known differences and took things slow, steady and sabai sabai
    You’d be surprised at how many falang ‘want it all’ on Day 1

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