Is this really a Good Idea ?

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I think that my wife Pat’s idea of creating this blog is great. I really do!

Good Thai Lady Blog Decision

At the time, it seemed like a Good Decision 🙂

I know that I struggled to find information and advice about marrying a Thai lady, so sharing experiences here will hopefully help lots of others in the same situation.

But……….she wants me to write on the blog as well!   What have I let myself in for?

Just kidding sweetheart….   The idea of us both blogging will hopefully give an even perspective on a Western / Thai relationship and I’m sure we’ll have fun sharing all the miscommunication and  misunderstandings we have had over the years, that will hopefully make your relationship all the more easier.

Whilst I know Pat intended this blog to be of help mainly to people looking for a relationship, or just starting a relationship, I’m sure it might help those already in one too.  I hope so.

So for the guys out there, who think that marrying a Thai Lady is heaven on earth………. I’ll share a few secrets.  Just don’t tell Pat….




P.S. I should add that I am not (or was) a total newbie to Thailand.  I stopped counting a few years ago but whilst I have never actually lived in Thailand (Pat and I live in Australia) I have been to Thailand about 120 times on business trips and holidays.  I’ve also had a business in Thailand for about 10 years now.  And Pat and I have been married for about 12 years.  I also have the pleasure of another Thai female living with us.  Pat’s niece who we are schooling here in Australia.  So I am fairly immersed in all things Thai.

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