If I get Sick – I Hope I’m in Bangkok

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Today we had to take my Mother-In-Law to Hospital.  A fairly frequent trip unfortunately as her health is really quite bad due to a bout of cancer many years ago.

Thailand Hospital

Off to the Local Hospital with my Good Thai Lady and her Mum

So off we went in the family pickup truck to the local hospital just up the road.

She needed to see her specialist for a quick check up.  Did we have an appointment?  No.  No need.

If you have never been to a Thai Hospital, be prepared to be amazed. (OK this is a private one, but the government ones are not bad either)

I honestly think there are more staff in the place than patients!  From the moment you walk in the door staff members take you from place to place to ensure you don’t get lost and to carry your paperwork, which they find within minutes.

Bangkok Hospital

A Check Up for Mum and YES the Nurses are Very Cute. If you want to meet a lovely Thai Lady … Get Sick

We were there about an hour.  In that time Mum had her blood pressure checked as soon as we arrived, a blood sample within 5 minutes, a visit to the specialist within 30 minutes (and I think the wait was just for him to get the blood test results).

The specialist took his time explaining everything first in Thai, then summarising for me in perfect English.  He waited til we had asked all our questions and he had answered them, before pressing a buzzer, at which time a staff member appeared to wheel Mum to her final check, a vitamin shot.

It is always a thing to behold.  If I ever get really sick, I just hope it’s in Bangkok!

Pat gets really agitated when we are kept waiting for hours on end in Hospitals in Thailand…….  I try to explain, that we just cannot afford the same staffing levels.

Thailand really is a contradiction at times……



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