How to Meet Your Thai Wife Online

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Online dating is huge these days. When Pat and I met, we met first online, but back in those days all we had was ICQ. Then after meeting ‘online’ for a while, we met in person in Thailand.

Finding Thai girls onlineIf I was a Western guy looking for a Thai wife now, I think I would definitely use the various online dating tools available.

Pat has written a post for Thai ladies about how to find a husband online, so I thought I should write something from the man’s perspective. So here are some thoughts that might help you find your Thai Wife Online.

Things to watch out for with online dating sites:

People Lie. It’s human nature. They want to portray themselves in a better light. They want to appear more appealing than they feel they are. They want to hide parts of their life that they are not happy or proud about.  They might not be totally honest about their age, or marital status. So at first, take care and be wary.

People try to look better. You will see Thai Girls online who pose in a certain way to make certain parts of their bodies look more appealing!   And lots of photos that are way too revealing or alternatively, a bit out of focus. Try to see beyond the initial (sometimes superficial) appeal of the photos.

What kind of Thai Girl are you looking for? If you are looking for a nice girl who make will make a great wife and mother. A girl who is perhaps a bit conservative. Then maybe don’t bother with the girls who show themselves in swimsuits or ‘push up’ bras and mini-skirts! That type of public display is very un Thai and might indicate a rather too outgoing personality!


Preparing your online Dating Profile 

If you want to have success with online dating to find a Thai Wife, I would suggest you think about the following points.

Your Photo. Most people are first attracted by the photo. Your main photo should be a head and shoulders style, and of good quality. Others might be a full body picture. If you can; maybe get them professionally taken. But regardless, make sure that the lighting is good and the photos really clear. And DON’T enhance the photos. And DON’T use photos that are 10 years old. Be honest!

How do you think your Thai Dream Girl is going to react when she first meets you, and you are 10 years older, balder, and fatter than she expected?   Not only will it be the quickest date you have ever been on, but she’s hardly going to view you as an honest person that she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Your Details. Again, be honest in your description of yourself and what you are looking for. Financial security is a major factor for Thai Girls seeking a husband, but tread cautiously here. You don’t want to sound ‘rich’ and therefore make yourself a target for scammers, but on the other hand you want to at least make it clear that you will be able to support a family. Perhaps you can merely indicate the type of job you have? At least give the impression of a stable income. It might be better to not be too detailed, if only because of the ‘perception’ of certain jobs. For example. Taxi drivers in Thailand might be considered poor and not good husband material. But here in Australia they can make really good money. Likewise with plumbers and other tradesman. Here in Australia they earn very good incomes.

Your Status. Be very clear about marital status and kids. No half-truths and lies. Just imagine if you meet your prospective Thai Wife and fall madly in love……..and you forgot to tell her you only just got divorced and have 8 kids!   You think she won’t find out… Be upfront guys. Your honesty and integrity will pay off.

What you want. Again, it’s all about clarity. Some Thai Lades may want to get married and stay in Thailand. Are you prepared to move there? Can you? Other Thai Ladies will be very happy to move overseas. Do you want to have kids? Most Thai Ladies will want to have kids with their husband. It’s not just the ‘hard wiring’ that most women have to reproduce, but it’s a cultural / security thing as well.


OK, what about dating website? There are plenty out there! We’ll have a look at a few and post some links.

You will meet lots of lovely ladies online. But take your time. Chat to the ones you like, making sure you are polite. Just like you would chat if you met them in person.   There are too many ‘creeps’ out there who just go onto these online dating sites to ‘talk dirty’. Don’t be one of them.

If you find one or two that you really like, then start chatting online regularly. Just like nor mal face to face dating, share things, get to know them. Then once you feel you might have met someone special, you can start to think about maybe chatting on the phone/Skype or similar. Then progress to maybe meeting in person.

Now here is a bit of a dilemma for you. Are you going to travel all the way to Thailand, in search of your future wife, and just meet one Thai Lady? That is for you to decide.

But all I will say; is that if you have put in the time and effort to get to know someone online and on the phone, you should know them fairly well by the time you meet face to face. This was the case with Pat and I. There were no surprises for either of us. That first face to face date was just what we expected. We already ‘knew’ each other quite well.


I’ll also post something about that all important first date.

Good luck with finding your Thai Wife Online.



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