Are you used to Thai Street Cooking yet?

By in 5 - When the Honeymoon is Over

I thought I was, till tonight!

Where we have our ‘part time’ home in Bangkok (we live mainly in Australia) we’re really lucky to have a great mix of local markets and modern supermarkets and restaurants.

We’ve always been wanting to try the local food market, so on this trip we jumped right in.

Night One.  I actually tried some German sausage and chips.  I lived in Germany years ago and was curious what this would taste like.  It was good!  Pat has a Thai hot pot type of thing and that was good too.

So, let’s go again.

Night Two.  Staying on the European theme, I tried some spicy chicken and chips, whilst Pat has another type of hot pot.  The chicken was really bland…..

Let’s give it another chance….

Night Three.  This time a steak for me.  And for Pat, some Noodles, and some great looking Sushi  to share……..    It tasted OK.

12 hours later…………..  things are not feeling good.

18 hours later………. I’m checking out last night’s dinner again as it refuses to stay within me!

24 hours later. ………  The local Hospital. A really bad case of Gastro.

4 days later……… I’m just back on solid food!


That serves me right I think.  My sister in law asked us why on earth we went there to eat.  Haven’t you seen the rats running around the place!

I guess my stomach is not quite as ‘cast iron’ as I thought………’



P.S. I normally stick to Thai food when in Thailand but found some of the old German favourites hard to pass up.  Though in the end I did, in a manner of speaking.



  1. Hello, my name is Sarunrat

  2. Really? I’ve lived in Bangkok for the past 12 months and I’d estimate I eat 80% Thai Street food and totally love it.

    While I have had maybe 2 cases of food poisoning, I think 1 of those times was some bad milk.

    Though I guess it also depends on your own constitution as well as picking the places you eat as well.

    Food poisoning is no fun so my heart goes out to you. That said, I’d still recommend people try the local foods but maybe tread a little carefully, at first.

  3. Hi. Can call me Rada .

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