Is Your Thai Wife Prepping!

By in 5 - When the Honeymoon is Over

Mine is!

I think it probably stems from a background of uncertainty, mistrust of government and financial insecurity.

We haven’t quite dug a Nuclear Bunker in the back yard to hide from the pending ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, but we are certainly not going to run out of the essentials.

It took me a while to convince her, that if we were going to stock pile any food, that our normal diets might need to adjust.  If we have to self isolate for a period due to the Coronavirus Covid-19, we might not have access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

The ‘penny has dropped’.  So we now have a reasonable stock of canned and dry goods, and can look forward to tinned corned beef spaghetti bolognese and other ‘simplified’ dishes.  I have to say I’m almost looking forward to the Spam.  A blast from the past.

I somewhat foolishly suggested that if things got ‘really bad’ we might not have electricity or running water.  I mean, things would have to be fairly dire for that to happen.

We now have enough bottled water for a month, and I do not exaggerate…..enough gas tins to cook for 6 months!   You know those little Asian gas stoves that run of a small gas canister!   Thankfully a friend at work uses them for camping so he can have them once all this gets back to normal..

What’s your Thai wife / partner prepping?

Do you try to bring a sense of reality to it all or just let them shop?





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